I get asked, more often than I can count... Whats the difference between the hair extensions? Which one is best suited for me?

So here is a short description on each method out-lining some pro's and con's of each type.




Silk Flat Wefts are the most comfortable and versatile hair extension method. The Flat Track is the track that we create using your natural hair and silicone lined microbeads. 

The microbeads protect your hair from any damage, and i love the added bonus of no tape, or glue as each maintenance it leaves no sticky residue.

The weft curtain sits OVER the top of your natural hair so it hides your shorter layers and gives a seaaaamless blend.


Tape hair extensions are still a huge part of todays hair extension market.

Each piece is 4 cm long. 2 pieces are sandwiched together, on a small section of hair, fastened by using a strong adhesive tape. Tape!? Yup, TAPE! Imagine a double sided tape which is water & heat resistant. 

A standard full head which gives both volume & length, is 40 pieces, 100 grams. Which is 20 pieces sandwiched together. 

Tape extensions are great for ALL hair types. 

With correct application, no tapes should be visible.

Because they sit flat against the scalp, they're extremely comfortable & super light weight.

You can blend a variety of different colours, and achieve a whole new look without using any chemicals on your natural hair.

Application time is roughly 30-60 minutes depending on your technician. This method has the fastest application time


One of the things I don't like about tape extensions, is after a few months, you start to get a bit of a sticky build up of the tape residue left on your hair.

It is an easy fix though. Remove your extensions, double wash with a clarifying shampoo, condition, and whilst the conditioner is soaking, grab a comb and run it through your scalp. Nit combs work great for this ;) If you're a mum like me, theres bound to be plenty lying around the house, right? Otherwise, a normal tail comb or brush is fine as well...

Another con about wearing tape extensions, is for those who have extremely fine hair, sometimes, as you near your overdue maintenance appointment, the tapes on the top layer may become noticeable.

This can be avoided by ensuring you book your maintenance appointment on time, or asking for micro tapes in the finer, more visible sections.




Microbeads, or otherwise known as itip hair extensions, are individual strands that are attached to your natural hair with a silicone lined microbead. 

Unlike tapes, there's no sticky glue, or tape.

This option has been a favourite for alot of my beachy loving clients who love to wear their hair down natural, & wavy.

1 piece is 'usually', 1 gram of hair. I wouldn't recommend any less than that, such as .8 grams as it is way to thin and looks unnatural. 

1 pack comes in a pack of 25 pieces, and 100 pieces is your average full head. 100 grams 

Application time is roughly 1 hour, depending on your technician.


Sometimes the beads may take a few days to a week for your scalp to adjust. Having so many beads so close to your scalp can be uncomfortable until you get used to it, and your hair grows out a little.

I also find that microbeads don't blend as well if youre trying to blend different shades together. They can look a little, "piano stripe" "piecey looking", if you know what I mean.

I also feel like they don't blend as well for people that have extremely thick, fluffy, curly, or high density hair. Because they're individual pieces, and only 1gram each, they don't weigh down your natural hair as much as tape hair extensions do.

Don't get me wrong, I have clients who have thick hair and love them, they just need to wear more pieces so that it blends easier.

Remember, each method is a personal preference.



Machine Weft hair extensions are a curtain of hair. They're created using a sewing machine. The Machine Weft is alot bulkier in comparison to Silk Flat Wefts and can take longer to dry.


This hair extension type is best for thick, strong, course hair which has the strength to support the weight of the wefts.


This method is not usually recommended for those who have fine, weak or damaged hair.

The wefts take longer to dry. The wefts absorb more water and need to be thoroughly dried after each wash.

This method may feel heavy, and if you are already prone to headaches & migraines, this method may not be the right fit for you.




Clip in hair extensions are a temporary hair extension method. 

This option would best suit someone who only wanted length and volume every now and then. Whether it be for a night out, your wedding day, or a special event.

The minimum weight recommended to wear to add enough thickness & volume, is 110grams. This ensures they blend well enough to look natural.

When purchasing clip in extensions, you want to make sure the hair is double drawn. Double drawn means they are thick from top to bottom.


Applying and removing the extensions continuously can get extremely annoying, as it is quite time consuming.

Clip ins are also known to cause damage & breakage to your natural hair if left in over night, or applied incorrectly. 




A halo hair piece, is a simple, yet effective hair piece, designed to add instant thickness & volume.

Unlike clip in extensions, the halo is one piece, but the same amount of thickness.

The Halo is one of the quickest and low maintenance methods of extensions on the market.

The Halo is adjustable to any head size.

The Halo is held in place by an invisible wire, which sits on top of your hair line, covered by the top layers of your hair. It makes it secure and virtually undetectable, making it perfect for daily wear.

Application is extremely easy! Just apply the adjustable thread on the crown of your head (like a halo) and pull through your natural hair to cover the thread.


Halos are not recommended for upstyles. Any higher than your low ponytail, and I don't think it would hold very well. If you're wanting a long, thick, pony, why not try a wrap around pony tale ? 


I hope this blog has given you a little more understanding as to the different methods we offer here at SH Extensions & Education

For any more questions relating to different methods, feel free to email us at hello@shextensions.com.au 


November 26, 2019 — Samantha Harrison