There are a lot of things to consider when starting a hair extension business. Here are 3 important tips to get you started on the right path 🥰
1. Firstly, hair extension education is essential. You need to understand the different types of hair extensions, the application techniques best suited for different hair types, & how to care for them. You also need to be able to colour match, blend cut & style the extensions correctly.
2. Secondly, attention to detail is critical. Applying extensions is an art. And your attention to detail is what will help build your BRAND. Your clients will be trusting you with their hair, so you need to be able to provide a high-quality service that meets their expectations.
3. Finally, pricing your services to make money is important. No-one should have to work HUGE days, and sacrifice time to just make ends meet. There is good money to be made in this industry, you just need to know how to shorten your application time, and price your services correctly.
You need to know your profit margins on all services and make sure that you are keeping your expenses to a minimum. Reinvesting profits into your business will help you grow your brand and market your business effectively.
Are you thinking of starting your own hair extension business or adding it into your salon ? Check out my online or in person hair extension education - where I have gathered my 10 years of industry information and business coaching helping you start, grow & scale in the world of hair extensions 🥰
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October 09, 2022 — Samantha Harrison