It’s finally time to announce our exciting news 🙌🏼
Hello everyone I am Samantha Harrison.
Owner and founder of In Your Dreams Hair Extensions.
For a while now I have been stuck in limbo land. I have had so many wonderful ideas running through my head, yet I’ve done nothing about it. I have been empowered by so many incredible people and events in my life recently. It’s encouraged me to do better and be better. Although the last seven months alone have been incredibly difficult for all sorts of reasons, I have looked at this as a life lesson.
So where did this all start..
At seventeen years old my side hobby turned into a passion and I officially launched In Your Dreams Hair Extensions.
I fell in love with making people feel and look good.
Seeing people’s faces light up when they looked and felt a million dollars was all I needed in life. It was the most amazing feeling ever. 🥰
For you stylist out there, you will know and understand what that’s like. Every single day I had multiple people from all walks of life visit me. They shared with me their life story, hopes, dreams and most importantly they put their trust in me.
I know it’s only hair. But how many of you have experienced going to a salon and having someone not only not listen to you but do the complete opposite to what you asked for? It’s the absolute WORST!! #badhairdays
Shortly after at nineteen years old, I welcomed my little girl Lacey into this big, crazy world. 💕
My drive for success grew even more. I was determined to be the best at what I did to give my daughter everything and anything.
I worked and did the whole mum life thing. Needless to say it was a little crazy.
At the age of 24 I gave birth to my second child. My baby boy Leo. 💙
Each year thereafter, my little business continued to grow.
Within the last twelve months alone, my business has grown dramatically. I’ve been able to take on a full time staff member, create and offer online education and provide one on one training classes. ⚡️
I’m currently in the process of building my dream home and everything looks as though it’s heading in the right direction. 👆🏼
However there’s one thing that I’ve wanted to change for a very long time and I’ve held back from doing it.
It’s my business name.
I hate it. I cannot stand In Your Dreams Hair Extensions. I don’t know why I just don’t love it and I feel like I’ve outgrown it.
So allow me to introduce you to SHE - Samantha Harrison Extensions. ✨
I am here to sparkle a bit of love on every beauty that walks in my salon. I am here to give each and everyone of you the confidence you may be searching for and I’m here to empower you all! ✨
We’ve got some pretty wonderful plans for the remainder of 2021 and so many more for 2022.
Besides the name change, we’re still the same business. I’m still the Sam. I just now have a clearer direction of where I want to go and the person I want to be.
Thank you to everyone who has supported me on my business journey to date 💕
August 16, 2021 — samantha Harrison